Dear colleagues,
We warmly welcome you to Zaitoon Educational and Welfare Society family. 
The world, that we share, is an amazing place and it can be much more better provided we do what is right and that we do them rightly. 
To human eyes, nothing is sent down from the skies except rain but we see multitudes of finest things on this beautiful earth invented by humans. From aeroplanes that we use for travelling to long distances to the needles that we use for sewing our garments, there are innumerable of things that humans have invented. 
Every human being is doing some sorts of work, consequently everyone, knowingly or unknowingly, is contributing to the society. The contributions become much more far reaching if it's done knowingly and with particular goals in mind. And for mankind to develop further and in the right directions, Education and Training has pivotal role. 
Zaitoon Educational and Welfare Society is established to break down the barriers to Education and Training. Therefore, May I request you to join us in removing poverty, marginalisation, deprivation, discrimination through Education and Training. Your participation is vital and we profusely thank you for your help.