In order to keep and remain up to date with national and international teaching pedagogies all teaching and intervening staffs must attend Continuous Professional Development (CPD) trainings on a regular basis and in order to be compliant with the UP-State regulations related to schools and children and the national regulations every member of the school community has to attend the required CPDs.

Some of the essential CPD are listed below and these are delivered by the designated individuals/committee member(s)

  1. AFL = Assessment for Learning
  2. Differentiation = How to differentiate work so that low ability as well as gifted and talented pupils achieve well
  3. Questioning = To probe understand and encourage thinking
  4. Active engagement: To be fully equipped so that every son and daughter is fully engaged in what they are learning
  5. Marking and Feedback: Feedback has to be given on every new concept so that students have a good gauge on their progress and so that they intervene appropriately and so that a robust intervention can be put in place.
  6. Health and Safety at and out of school
  7. Safety and exploitation
  8. Grievances
  9. Locked Down
  10. Exploitation and Harassment