We warmly welcome you to your Blue Ink School International.

The opportunity to educate sons and daughters of Siddharth Nagar is one of the greatest privileges, with it comes the most important responsibility as we prepare young people for happiness and success in their adult lives. At Blue Ink School International we take this responsibility extremely seriously. We care for every individual and pride ourselves in bringing them up to face the situations and lead. 

We live in an exciting and rapidly changing times which means that providing progressively outstanding and well-rounded education is more important than before. Nowadays, examination results carry huge weight and at Blue Ink School International we prepare our sons and daughters in such a way that they achieve excellent results in all subjects, paving the way to the top universities in the country and overseas.

We are consistently striving in bringing out our sons’ and daughters’ talent and broadening their interests so that they emerge into global leaders and so that they serve mankind well. To do this we foster justice, tolerance, integrity, confidence, perseverance, communication skills, encourage teamwork and that they are open minded so that they contribute to the society positively and enthusiastically.

We are committed to Propagation, Promotion and Advancement of education for all. For that we have all supports that our sons and daughters of Siddharth Nagar need as education is the only way forward.

Best wishes, 

Ozair Akhtar



B.A. (Honours) Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi

M.A. University of Delhi, Delhi

M.A. University of Portsmouth, UK

GRTTP QTS University of Gloucestershire, UK